Water & Flood Damage Restoration

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Wichita Water Removal & Damage Prevention

If your home or office has suffered from a flood or accident that could cause water damage, it is vital that you seek professional help immediately. While water damage can be minimal if dealt with quickly and thoroughly, it can also be catastrophic if not.

Unlike fire damage, when dealing with floods and water damage, many home and business owners neglect to comprehend the severity of the issue. Simply mopping up the water and pointing a fan at the problem is not a viable solution.

When water is not quickly and completely removed, it can lead to long-term, expensive damage. The cost of replacing flooring, ceilings, or even appliances outweighs the cost of professional water removal and damage restoration service.

Wichita Flood Damage Restoration

Downtown Wichita does experience a lot of flooding but it’s certainly not the only area. And in Wichita, when it rains, it pours. There are a lot of old neighborhoods in Wichita, Kansas and that means old, poor infrastructure, which leads to flooding. This can cause extensive damage to your home or business and should be dealt with quickly and thoroughly to avoid additional, costly repairs. This is where we can help.

  • 24/7 Emergency response
  • Highly trained specialists
  • Cutting edge equipment
  • Fast response and thorough extraction

Summit Services has the experience and expertise to quickly and thoroughly remove any water and moisture from the affected areas. We can also assist with any aspect of the restoration, including drywall replacement, ceiling and flooring repair, and much more.

We are family-owned and operated and local to Wichita. We treat each and every situation as though it were our own home or office.

Residents and business owners have trusted Summit Services for the last 25 years to quickly remove water and restore any damage and you can trust us too.