Tenant Screening

Ensuring Stability & High Collection Rates

Renting out your properties doesn’t just involve finding new tenants. You also need those tenants to pay every month, on-time and without issue. The best way to accomplish that is through thorough tenant screening. Summit Services, in Wichita, can help ensure you only accept the right people as your new tenants. We boast a 95% collection rate for our clients due to our thorough screening process.

Many tenant screening services or companies tend to take short cuts when it comes to the screening process. We’ve achieved such a high collection rate by not taking those short cuts, by looking at everything that could cause an unreliable tenant, including:

  • Background checks
  • Credit checks
  • Reference checks
  • Employment verification

You don’t want the headache of having to deal with past due accounts and evictions. We can help you avoid those issues by thoroughly vetting your tenants and find the ones who are most likely to be stable and reliable.

Helping You Stay in the Black with Reliable Tenants

With a 92.2 percent occupancy in Wichita, Kansas, the city has seen an increase in new apartment projects. This increase in construction could certainly lead to overdevelopment which could cause a lower occupancy rate. Summit Services can help you plan for the future by helping you avoid losing money from non-paying tenants so you stay profitable. You can’t afford to have tenants who don’t pay when occupancy rates drop.

Summit Services is a local, family owned company and has been invested in our communities for over 25 years. We take pride in providing you with the most reliable service that will secure your highest return on investment. Our clients enjoy a 95% collection rate and you can too, contact Summit Services today for tenant screening services and get the right tenants for your properties.