Wichita Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Service

Summit Services does high-quality landscaping and maintenance in Wichita, KS. Making Wichita beautiful. Have questions about lawn care? Ask us.

Higher Quality Landscaping & Beautiful Designs

At Summit Services we believe in quality work and dedication to delivering the best landscaping service, every time.

We want you to be proud of your home of business. We provide professional landscaping design, installation and maintenance.

We can assist in improving curb appeal or simply maintaining your lawn and landscape. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Scheduled Yard Care Services
  • Landscape Design and Installation
  • One Time Clean Ups
  • Winter Lawn Installs / Overseeding
  • Lawn Maintenance, Renovations, or Removals
  • Seasonal Color Installs including Flower Beds, Pots, etc.
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning, Tree Removals and Installations
  • Irrigation System Design, Installation, and Repair
  • Landscape Lighting System Design, Installation, and Repair
  • Misting System Design, Installation, and Repair
  • Water Feature Design, Installation, and Repair
  • Artificial Turf Design, Installation, or Removal
  • Landscape Refreshes including Plants, Lighting, and Hardscape Upgrades
  • Gravel and Granite Installation or Refreshes
  • Garden Design and Installation and more…

Reaping the Benefits of Nature

There are many reasons to maintain or improve the landscaping of your home or commercial property.  Having a well cared for lawn and landscape not only looks more professional and welcoming but can also increase the value of your property and has many health benefits.

study by the University of Michigan shows that a well-maintained landscape can reduce stress and even improve your memory and attention by 20%.

In the study, Dr. Marc Berman indicates that people also don’t have to live near a nature-rich environment to get the benefits. “A quieter city street with interesting natural elements to look at, such as containers of plants, could do the trick, too.”

In addition to the health benefits, an improved landscape averages over 200% return on investment according to experts interviewed by The Washington Post.

Summit Services is a local, family-owned company that is dedicated to delivering the best service, highest quality work and beautiful designs.