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Full-Service Fire Restoration & Repair

Even a small fire can cause devastating damage to your home or business, oftentimes damaging an area much larger than the location of the fire. Smoke can leave a lingering smell; soot can spread throughout the area, discoloring the walls and furniture. You may even experience extensive water damage and flooding due to sprinklers or from the fire department putting on the fire. GP Solution will address all of these issues quickly and effectively. 

A fire is always unexpected and can be an extremely stressful situation. We will work quickly to restore your home or office and cover every aspect of the restoration so you have less to worry about. We will take the following remediation steps:

  1. Quickly clean affected area to avoid further damage and discoloration
  2. Remove damaged floor, wall, or ceiling material
  3. Repair or replace damaged areas
  4. Deep-clean entire affected area

We will bring your home or office back to its original condition so you can get back to your life quickly. 

Emergency Service Available 24/7

Dealing with fire damage is not only stressful but can cause a halt to your home life or business. Fire restoration becomes a top priority and should be dealt with as such. That is why we make ourselves available 24/7 for emergency service and will respond immediately. Timeliness is key and we pride ourselves on our fast response times. 

For full-service fire, smoke, and soot remediation in Wichita, Kansas, GP Solutions should be your only call after experiencing the devastating effects of a fire incident. We will get you back on your feet quickly and efficiently.